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Online video will be the potential future of the internet. YouTube stands out as a piece of evidence. Today most readers are opting for funny animated video rather than a boring blog post. However, the decision is yours to think about.

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Monitoring website uptime
Because your website needs to be up and running Having your website up and running all the time is very
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Another Win!
Well, what a week. It all started with Mark’s son doing very well in a basketball competition last Sunday, then
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The AEAF awards were on the other night. We had 2 projects that were short listed. One was for our TVC in the category
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The Awesome Factor
I first learnt about this concept in film making from Robert Mckee (The screenwriting guru). He didn’t, and wouldn’t, call
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Management With Trello
I know this isn’t animation related, but it’s business related, so it’s topical. For the past couple of years I’ve
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New Site
Why Hello there. After a slight struggle with WordPress and CSS we’ve finally got the site up. Still a few
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