I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the virality potential of animation and how to maximise its potential.
Well it seems someone has just pulled it off quite well in a way that I honestly didn’t expect. A UK retail company named John Lewis hit the ball out of the park with the Bear and the Hare. Not huge on the branding throughout the animation, just a logo and link at the end.

Not trying to be outrageous in any way, or even funny. It’s pure Christmas sentimentality and for some reason inside animation, people love it.

Here’s a great blog post about on how the latest 2013 Christmas ads are doing in the online social space.

The Bear and the Hare by John Lewis is the clear winner and interestingly, it didn’t use any paid online advertising, just organic sharing. That’s what power a great story can give. In contrast, here’s the M&S advert mentioned in the article:

It’s nice and I watched all the way through, but this isn’t really shareable at all. It’s the shares that are the important factor here.
The biggest vimeo views we’ve had are from our Short film Monday. It was blogged about 300 times. It’s passed 50k views and consistently grows about 50 views a week. If you’re not planning on paying for media space through television or google ads, then maybe a short film distributed by social sharing is the way to go. It would be a hell of a lot cheaper than paying for prime time advertising too.