Have you ever wondered if you could end up homeless? Josh hit rock bottom losing his family and career, this is the story of the struggle to regain his life.
SGCH offers housing and opportunities to people like Josh. We worked with them again to create a film showing the true story of another of their tenants.

Director: Stefan Wernik twitter.com/StefanWernik
Producer: Guy Jamieson twitter.com/GuyItchy
Writer: Jason Cohn
Production Company: The Magnificent Itch
Designers: Jason Pamment & Alexander Watson
Additional Background Art – Deanna Hewitt
Animators: Darragh White & Arthur Collie
2D FX Animator: Quentin Cordonnier
Character modelling: Tristan Lock
Comping: Jason Morice
Composer: Stephen Frost
Voice Actor: Natasha Beaumont