It’s official, we’ve finally finished our first self funded animated film!

Our team really pulled together to get it finished in time for the GRAPHIC Festival at Sydney Opera House.
Whether we place or not in the festival dwarfs the fact that we’ve got the ball moving on our own shorts. We’re all very excited about this.

Getting the character animation right on this short was lots of fun. We took quite a bit of reference video and I’d like to put the short together with the reference video actually..

Directed by Stefan Wernik and Guy Jamieson
Produced by Lisa Madden
Texturing by Mary Benn
Character Modelling by Tristan Lock
Modelling by Wayne Osborne
Character Rigging by Chris Dardis
Character Design by Gennaro Morra
3D Animation by Stefan Wernik and Guy Jamieson
2D Animation by Toby Pederson
Music and Sound Design by Jimmi Carr
Thanks to Jen, Brave, Cash, Kasia and Minka
Dedicated to Romauld Wernik