I remember when I saw my first 2D animation “line test”. A line test was used back when animation was done on paper(I can’t believe I’m even saying this) and the animators wanted to see their animation moving in real time. So they would shoot it on film(or later on video) before the linework was cleaned up. When I first saw animation at this stage, I thought it was the best representation of the art form. As the rough movement of the sketches were still present, it didn’t hide the fact that an artist created this movement and in turn gave the animation life and a soul. Maybe I’m being a bit romantic, but this is what it conjurers up in me.

Which brings me to Glen Keane’s now short film. Glen is one of the most prolific animators to work at Disney. You would have seen his touch from as early as The Rescuers and Pete’s Dragon, The Little Mermaid and Aladdin, all the way to Tangled and Paperman. So it’s clear, the man can animate. And below is his new short film titled Duet.

Welcome to some of the most fantastic 2D animation you will ever see.

This shows off the rough drawn animation that I adore, mixes it with the meditative form of contemporary dance and adds a beautiful and simple narrative. Have a watch and fall in love. It starts at 51:15 if the movie doesn’t go straight to that point.