With the internet abuzz with the campaign for Andy Serkis (best known for his motion capture acting on Gollum in Lord of the Rings) to get an Oscar nomination, even James Franco has suggested recognition is deserved.

It seems that it has finally opened the doors for ‘Animators’ to get their own nominations as the people behind digital character performances. As mentioned in the article the term digital ‘make up’ has been used to describe the process after the capture of the performance has been made.
To promote the new Planet of the Apes movies the studio has also released comparison reels such as this one showing the actor’s performance before and after the Digital ‘Make up’ has been applied.

Watching just how much the actor behind the primate contributes to the final shot, it only makes sense that this exact compelling argument is now helping the campaign to get animators the same Oscar recognition. Comparison reels such as the one linked below are showing how new technology is allowing animators to capture their own performances and translate them to the screen.

As one industry insider put it, ”This comparison reel is incredible. Sometimes the animator is playing two different characters in the same scene, it’s an amazing acting achievement.”
The new technology is allowing animators to capture every nuance of the performance without the need for the time consuming and costly clean up associated with ‘Motion Capture.’ It definitely seems that the Motion Capture industry is struggling to catch up. The new technology has been given the name ‘Animation’ and is set to revolutionise the industry while making stars of the talented performers exploiting it.

As James Franco so brilliantly puts: ”the effects are so well rendered we either forget that the spark of life in it’s eyes and the life in its limbs is informed by a breathing human or we are so drawn into the ontology of the character we can’t grasp its artistic origins or exactly how it was created.”

So is this year the time that these ‘animator’ pioneers get the recognition they deserve?

It certainly seems time.

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